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This is your invitation to a journey of discovery, healing, and transformation. 


We are a holistic practice that offers innovative and compassionate therapy to help you improve your mental health, and guide you toward a life of wellness and purpose. It is a contemporary practice that is utilizing medication, as well as integrative, mindfulness-based, and motivational interviewing approaches to therapy. 


We hope you’ll find a safe space where you can explore life’s challenges in a safe, personal, confidential, and non-judgmental environment. 



"True belonging never asks us to change who we are. True belonging requires us to be who we are.”


                                                          -Brené Brown


Practice Overview

We treat adults age 18 and over. In general terms, the practice most commonly includes treatment for anxiety, depression, and ADHD. We also provide treatment for difficulties with relationships, trouble coping with past traumas, social disconnection, lack of motivation, obsessive thinking and behaviors, low self-esteem, and identity confusion. After a thorough evaluation, the treatment plan may involve therapy, conventional psychiatric medications, alternative treatments, or a combination of these interventions.

Practice Areas
220 Kinderkamack Rd, Suite C1 
Westwood,  New Jersey, 07675

Tel: 973-826-0051    Fax: 201-800-4504
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