The combination of medications and psychotherapy has proven to be the most effective treatment modality with long term effects. 
Brielle Senft, is an experienced therapist who can assist you with a life transition, anxiety, grieving, searching for a connection, relationship issues, and overall achieving a meaningful life. She has been working collaboratively with prescribers and can help navigate the treatment plan. 
Brielle can be reached at 201-878-4545
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The battle seems like it is outside of your home against some microscopic enemy, but the struggle actually starts inside your mind. Anxiety drains our joy and peace by consuming our focus and triggering our imaginations into overdrive. These worries can easily become obsessions and can often be more bothersome in a way that is disproportionate to contracting the disease itself. Our ability to survive has been based on how well we recognize dangers and threats and to react appropriately. 
Here are some tips and resources  for mitigating some of the stress you might be experiencing:
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Stress Reduction:

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